Milliways, the game at the end of the Universe

Milliways is a game developed for the “5 BUTTONS Competition” (follow the link for the details) contest hosted at experimentalgameplay in collaboration with 02L. Games have to support UnitaZero as their one and only input device, and that’s the fun part!

Basically it’s a cooperative puzzle game (2-5 players) in Tetris style: a row of 5 dice fall to the bottom of the screen and each pad change the face of the corrisponding dice when triggered. When all the 5 dice shows the same face the row disappear. If the rows reach the top of the screen the game is over (you know how Tetris works, don’t you?). Game concept and development are very simple but players’ interaction could be interesting (or I hope so).

Tracks played during the game are courtesy of  The Shaidon Effect, the rest of the components is in the public domain or has a CC license.

The game was developed using Python and Pygame, the code is open source and you can find it here:

I wrapped-up a Windows executable with PyInstaller, tested only on a Win7 Pro SP1 machine:

The game is named after “The restaurant at the end of the universe” –  I was reading that novel during the early development.

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